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Counselling For Men

My speciality and passion are working with men’s mental health. In my clinical work, I often come across men who have previously tried counselling in good faith, only to find that they did not receive appropriate, respectful or useful help and support.

My observations around men’s mental health services are that they, too, often reflect a misunderstanding of men’s lived experiences, as well as the range of important considerations that are suitable for men’s counselling, and how to engage with men in a way that is effective and respectful.

Generally, men by nature are more action focused, so when it comes to managing difficult life events and emotions I use action and solution-based therapeutic approaches and interventions when working with men’s mental health issues.

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Men need a service with the knowledge to understand that social and cultural norms and ingrained beliefs about masculinity are one of the main barriers to men feeling comfortable about seeking counselling in the first place.

Some other common barriers are workplace stigma, and being in the provider and protector role runs contrary to seeking out help and support.

Discreet service access is of great importance when working with men in counselling. There are no public waiting rooms to contend with and we offer complete confidentiality when you access our services either in person or via online Zoom

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Andrew Flynn


Andrew is a fully qualified male Therapeutic Counsellor/Psychotherapist, and is the founder of Talking Spaces Counselling.


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