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Ollie Talking Spaces Client

"Andrew has helped me healthily question my own ways of thinking, which is leading me to have a better understanding of who I am and have a greater focus on how things affect me. I'm extremely grateful for Andrew helping me through a crisis point with open ears & understanding while continuing to help me grow into the best version of myself. Could not recommend enough!"

Lisa Talking Spaces Client

"Finding Andrew has been one of the best things I have ever done for myself. He is the only person I have ever felt comfortable enough with to be completely honest and transparent. I have shared my deepest and most vulnerable parts and Andrew has never held judgement or been critical. He is always encouraging and keeps me moving forward in my healing process. I recently went through the most painful experience of my life and am so thankful for Andrew….I genuinely don’t know how I would have made it through without him. He meets me where I am at each week and always has the right words for me. I whole heartedly recommend Andrew’s services."

Talking Spaces Client

"Andrew understood my needs by actively listening to me. Counselling is helping me discover more about myself, as well as deal with my issues practically. I feel seen and supported and I would highly recommend."

"Andy helped me understand my worth again, brought back my confidence and talked me through any and every situation and thought process. I have a fresh and stronger look on life and my future and that is down to Andy and I would consider him now as a friend and not just as my counsellor."
Paul Lonnon
Talking Spaces Client
"Basically and simply helped save me. I was at my lowest ever in my life! it took everything I had to take the step and make contact but realising if I did not try then I would have lost everything in my life and maybe my life itself. Andrew had a fantastic calming voice. Listening and asking. Gets YOU to review YOU not making statements or direct comments. Cleverly directs YOUR thinking and attitude to look at everything from a different perspective to the one that got you there in the first place. Makes you appreciate everything you are, have achieved and could and want to be."
John Harrington
Talking Spaces Client
"I began counselling at a time when I was in crisis, one month later I feel I am more in control of my negative thoughts. Andrew has listened respectfully and this service has been first rate. I would highly recommend"
Talking Spaces Client
"Andrew creates a warm and empathic environment which enabled me to feel safe when working through challenging emotions. Being the only male counsellor in Hartlepool so far, he offers an authentic space for people to figure out their thoughts and feelings without judgment or opinions."
Talking Spaces Client